Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Morning Drop-Off at Fossil Hill

Morning Drop-off:

Thank you for dropping your children off using our Kiss N’ Ride Loop at the front-south location.  Keeping your children safe is our number one priority.  Please help us by following the safety rules noted below. 

Kiss N’ Ride Safety Rules:

·        Parents are to stay in the car - the staff on duty will help your child(ren) out of the car.  Have all backpacks within reach to help child(ren) exit your car quickly and safely. 

·        All students to exit on the passenger (right) side.

·        Follow the traffic slowly to the supervising staff before letting passengers out – this will facilitate an efficient traffic flow.

·        Leave 2 metres between you and the car in front.

·        No passing once you have entered the loop - wait patiently as there is just ONE lane for the Kiss N’ Ride zone.

·        NO PARKING anywhere inside the loop of the Kiss N’ Ride zone.

·        Drive slowly and with caution at all times.

The supervision of our Kiss N’ Ride is between 8:25 and - 8:40 a.m.   If you wish to walk your child(ren) into the school, please park your car on one of the side streets and cross at our supervised crosswalks.

Every morning, our staff take pleasure in welcoming our students with a warm smile!  With your cooperation, this Kiss N’ Ride will allow for a safe and efficient arrival zone for our students.  Thank you for your patience during your time in the Kiss N’ Ride Loop.


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