Monday, March 06, 2017

#1 Awards in February

Our #1 Awards theme for February was "Confidence" and these Fossil Hill students showed confidence in various ways - some became leaders; some tried something new; others excelled at sports or academics; some made new friends...but all put on their confidence capes; struck a confidant pose and took on the world in some way!!

Friday, March 03, 2017

WE can fly JIYA to Ecuador!

Jiya Mehta, a former Fossil student and model global citizen, is embarking on a ME to WE trip to Ecuador this summer to help build schools for girls and to speak to aboriginal women about their experiences and lives.  Jiya presented at our last assembly telling our students about drawing her inspiration from her days here at Fossil Hill where she learned about global issues such as the inequitable treatment of women in some parts of the world.  She is dedicating herself to trying to make a difference and to be the voice of marginalized girls.  We have started a fundraising campaign to help Jiya raise money for her trip.  Students are being asked to bring a dollar, or 2 or 5 to help us reach our goal of $1000 to fly Jiya to Ecuador.  Donations are rewarded with a paper airplane which our students will decorate and post in our hallways leading to the world map at the front of the school.  We thank you for your support of our fundraiser - together WE can fly JIYA to Ecuador!

Spirit Days in March

Our Spirit Committee is very busy with a major fundraiser (details in a future blog) and organizing spirit days.  In March, we will have a "Twin Day" and an "Inspirational Messages Day".  Twin Day will be on Friday, March 10th - the last day before March Break.  Students and staff are encouraged to pair up with a friend to dress the same.  We're looking to see lots of twins here at Fossil Hill on the 10th!  Then, on Friday, March 31st, we are looking for inspiration.  We'll all be wearing clothing with inspirational messages or pinning a message to our clothing.  Let's get inspired, Fossil!

Triple P Positive Parenting Semina

Charlton Public School will be hosting a Triple P Positive Parenting Seminar on Wednesday March 8.

Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Martisor - A Celebration of Spring!

Here are some photos of Ms. Wilgan and Mrs. Ionica's class celebration of spring!

They made "martisor" for their families- this is  a symbol of Spring.  They are usually red and white.  White represents snow and red represents emerging Spring.

We are all looking forward to Spring! 

On the Hill or at the "Hill" (Fossil Hill)

Fossil Hill students in Grades 4 - 8 and staff enjoyed a wonderful sunny day on Monday, February 23 at Snow Valley.   Here are some pics:

Other students decided to stay back at Fossil Hill.  They too had a fun day of Arts, Games, Movies, Drama, Music and Phys. Ed.  Here are a few pics:

A special thank you to Mr. Miron (Trip Lead) and  all our staff and parent volunteers! It was a team effort, whether at school or at Snow Valley.


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