Monday, March 28, 2016

Music Corner

The Primary-Junior Choir is currently learning two new songs to warm up the wintry weather, an upbeat Calypso song called "Shake the Papaya Down", and a soothing Polynesian canoe song called "Tongo"! The choir welcomes students in grades 1 to 6 to join in on the singing on Mondays at lunch recess.

Our Guitar Club is learning how to play chords and pick individual strings for short songs such as "Spanish Theme." Experienced guitar players have been learning how to arrange their own duets with their guitars. The Guitar Club welcomes students in grades 4 to 8 to join us on Thursdays at lunch recess.

Congratulations to our Intermediate Band who performed to a well deserved Gold Certification at the Music Alive festival on March 22nd! Students have been dedicated to their weekly practices on Thursdays after school.

Youth Empowering Parents (YEP)

 The "Youth Empowering Parents" program at Fossil Hill is well underway.   It is an award winning 1:1 computer tutoring program in which a selected group of grade 6,7,8 students are tutoring for YEP parents and adults from our community 
Participants receive tutoring on how to use a computer (i.e. Google, Gmail, Microsoft Office, Google Apps and other internet related questions) by our Fossil Hill student tutors. Our goal is to pair tutors and adults with the same first language. 

This program is currently being run in 5 schools in Toronto now, and we are the first in the YRDSB! Most notably, YEP is one of only 20 organizations around the world, and the youngest ever, to have received the innovation award from the United Nations.

Here is a link to the
Youth Empowering Parents website for more information on the program:

Here is a link to a clip from the CBC to see the program in action:

We look forward to continuing modern learning initiative at Fossil Hill P.S!

Ms. Stuart 

Art Gallery Evening - February 11th

On February 11th, the Grade 3’s hosted an Art Gallery event.  Each student created 3 different art
projects to contribute to the sale. Their art was being sold to raise money for Heifer International. We are excited to announce that they made over $340 at this event!  This allows the students to buy 2 goats and 4 flocks of chickens for families through this charity.  We are so proud! 
Way to go Grade 3’s!

A message from the Office

Welcome back from the long weekend!  We hope you had a chance to relax and enjoy time with your families.

On April 1st, we are hosting Lice Checks with Nurse Shelly (sponsored by our Parent Council) for Kindergarten, Grade 2, Grade 4 and Grade 6 students. When Lice are found in your Childs classroom, a generic letter to all parents will go home to ensure that parents are aware; the protocol for treatment in order to re enter school.

The Welcome to Kindergarten evening will take place on May 26 from 6pm-7pm. If you have registered your child for Junior Kindergarten for the fall, please bring them for a fun evening
at Fossil Hill where children will get to try activities and see what the classroom looks like.
Parents, this is an opportunity to meet our staff and to ask questions to prepare for the fall.

Plans for our Annual Fossil Hill Fun Fair hosted on Saturday May 28 from 11:00-3:00 are well underway.  We will have games, activities, food (lots and lots of food). A DJ and
Band playing music, animals, Science, sports, parent safety tips, a silent auction and so much
more. If anyone in our community has any donation items or services for the silent auction please contact Ms. Vanderzon at 905-653-8055. Also on May 28, we plan to do much of the cooking ourselves but, we are in need to borrow propane BBQs (we will provide the propane). If you live close to the school, and it would be feasible to wheel your BBQ over to the school that morning, please also contact Ms Vanderzon (we would need 4-5 BBQ). We would rather use the
$ saved towards our students and not towards BBQ rentals. 

Summer Institute Information

Check out the Link to Summer Programs and sign up.

Board Policy and Procedures

Policies and procedures govern the operation of the Board and our school. To ensure they remain current, the Board reviews policies and procedures on a regular cycle. Seeking feedback from staff and community members, including parents/guardians, is an important part of the review process. 

All policies available for comment are sent to school council chairs, and are posted on the Board website along with information about how to provide feedback. The policies currently available for comment include:
·         Student Accommodation Review (comments due by April 25)
·         Anaphylactic Reactions (comments due by August 25)
·         Respectful Workplace and Learning Environment (comments due by August 25)
·         Environmental Responsibility  (comments due by January 2, 2017)
·         Appointment of Community Members to Board Committees (comments due by January 2, 2017)

To learn more, visit


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