Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Dear Families:
You are invited to our Amazing Race - Family Edition on Thursday, May 10.  This event is for all our families from K to Grade 8! Please see the attached pre-order form for the BBQ that will begin at 5 p.m.
We are excited to announce that our School Council has donated an APPLE IPAD and an APPLE PENCIL to help us raise funds for our school.  Your children may purchase tickets at school over the next 2 weeks. We will announce the winner the evening of our Big Race! Raffle Tickets for the prize baskets can be purchased the evening of our event.  
In addition, we also have some fun math estimation jars, donated by staff, that students can make guesses on over the next couple weeks.  Estimation jars include pasta and sauce, cheerios, gumballs, crayons, and caramel squares.
To get everyone excited, students were given a free ballot today, for our “Guess the Smarties” Jar.  The winner closest to the amount of Smarties will win.
We appreciate your help in fundraising.  All proceeds will go towards Google Chromebooks for our classrooms!
Get excited, Fossil Hill.

Get your tickets!!  Make your guesses!
Ipad and Pencil 1 ticket for $5  or 3 tickets for $10  (tickets will be sold at recess and lunch)
Estimation Jars 1 ballot for $1  (students can make their guesses at recess and lunch)
Prize Baskets 3 tickets for $5 (tickets will be sold the evening of the event)
Tickets will also be sold the evening of the event


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