Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Annual Regional Parent Symposium – “Parent Voice Matters!”

Annual Regional Parent Symposium – “Parent Voice Matters!”

April 4, 2018
All families are invited to join us tonight online for live streaming of the Regional Parent Symposium – “Parent Voice Matters” opening ceremonies starting at 6 pm and the two workshops below.

1.   How Families and Schools Can Together Promote Belonging (Gr. K-12) – Michelle Cassidy (Live Streamed at 6:40 p.m.) 

2.   Town Hall (Gr. K-12) – Paul Woods and Scott Milne (Live Streamed at 7:50 pm)

We hope you can join us online tonight for some great learning.

Kind regards,

Joan Lachhman
Inclusive School and Community Services
York Region District School Board
Phone:  905-884-2046 Ext. 252
Phone:  1-877-280-8180 Ext. 252


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