Thursday, January 04, 2018

Birth of Guru Gobind Singh 

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January 5 marks the birthday of the tenth and last guru within the Sikh tradition. Guru Gobind is recognized as the "saint/soldier" and poet who fought against oppression by infusing a martial spirit in people through soul-inspiring heroic poetry. He founded the "Khalsa" order within the Sikh tradition that sought to bring justice and quality to mankind through selfless service.

Birth anniversaries of the ten gurus are observed with a great deal of devotion and enthusiasm and this is especially the case for the birthdays of the first and last gurus, as these days are often celebrated as festivals. The festivities typically last for three days.

On the first day, a large procession is organized that is led by the Panj Piyaras (Five beloved ones) and the Palki (icon) of Guru Gobind. On the following day, devotional hymns are traditionally sung and there may be a katha (religious discourse) or Sikh historical lecture scheduled. A free langar (luncheon) is then usually served where everyone gathers together in a spirit of sharing and community.

We extend our best wishes to staff, students and members of the Sikh Community who will be celebrating this festive occasion.


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