Monday, December 11, 2017

Fossil Hill - A "Future Aces" School

Last Friday, Fossil Hill was privileged to have Coco come speak to us as we become a “Future Aces” school.  Her message was clear…turn your pain into power.  When she was faced with hardship, she could have run from it or become hardened by it.  Instead, with the help of people who believed in her, she faced it head-on and she turned her life around.  She now mentors young people and uses her life to serve others.  We were inspired by her story, and that of another great man she told us about.  We learned more about Herb Carnegie.  He was a remarkable man, who when faced with the most overwhelming discrimination turned his anger into a life’s mission.  That mission became the creed we will now adopt as a school.  The Future Aces Creed.  As ACES we will vow to demonstrate a positive “Attitude”, show “Co-operation”, be an “Example” to others, and use our lives in “Service” to others.  The staff and students who went on the Future Aces Retreat last month will be leading us on this journey, and we are all very excited to join them.    

Joanne Lomanno-Aprile


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