Sunday, November 19, 2017

Dear Families:

Last week we had the opportunity to attend YRDSB's Quest Conference. The theme of Well-Being: A Collective Responsibility was the focus of the Conference.  There were so many amazing educational speakers, students, and YRDSB teachers who shared their stories, expertise, life experiences and their initiatives in support of mental health and well-being.  Here are a few highlights and key take-aways from the conference:

On Wednesday, Dr. Jean shared some beautiful words about relationships being at the heart of well-being.  Dr. Jean spoke about the importance of relationships, relationships, relationships and about how we need to really get to know our students so that we can understand who they are, the barriers that they struggle with and how we can help. Getting to the core and really understanding our students is what will help some of our most vulnerable and difficult students.  

On Thursday evening, Margaret Trudeau shared her journey with mental illness. She was so real.  Her journey exemplifies resilience and strength - a woman truly to be admired for pushing through when her mental illness kept challenging her to live and love. Afterwards, she signed copies of her biography, and, when we told her we loved her red shoes she laughed and made sure they were included in the photo!!

On Friday, we received a Call to Action from keynote speaker and YRDSB student, Hannah Alper. “No can’t. No won’t. Only how.”  
We have purchased a copy of Hannah’s new book, Momentus: Small acts, big change for the School Library.

Such amazing learning!

Carolyn Lamy
Vice Principal


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