Monday, May 01, 2017

親子正面教育免費課程(普通語及英語) 五月至六月 - FREE Triple P Positive Parenting Program in Mandarin and English (May to June)

親子正面教育免費課程(普通語及英語) 五月至六月

 致各位家長和監護人, 如果您有興趣了解如何應付孩子的反叛行為, 幫助孩子建立家庭作業習慣及處理焦慮, 在五月至六月將有一個名為親子正面教育的免費課程(普通語及英語) . 詳情請參附件

Dear parents and guardians, if you are interested in knowing more about how to handle rudeness and disrespect, encourage healthy homework habits, and help your child coping with anxiety, please see the attached flyer for a free Triple P program coming up in May and June)  


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