Monday, November 21, 2016

Library/Learning Commons Connection

Invite to see our Makerspaces in action; pics from an awesome author visit and an intro to the Forest of Reading...
Makerspaces - Our students have been creating in Makerspaces in the Library for the past 2 months.  You can come by the Library during the evening of Thursday, November 24th  (3:30 to 7:30) or the morning of Friday, November 25th (8:40-11) when you are here for Student Led Conferencing to see the spaces in action and maybe even do some creating of your own!

Author Visit  - Our Grade 5 to 8 students were blown away by teen author, Alessia Dickson, who came to our school to promote literacy and her book, The Crystal Chronicles.  They were amazed that someone so close to them in age could have a book published and are excited about reading her book.  Alessia was also very open to answer all kinds of questions and to sign autograph after autograph.

Forest of Reading - each  year the Ontario Library Association nominates 10 Canadian books in various categories and asks kids to vote for their favourites.  We, at Fossil Hill, will be participating in this contest again this year.  It's a great opportunity to read good, new Canadian books; to talk about books with our staff and other students; and to make critical decisions about what makes a book, "the best".  We hope you'll encourage your children to join the club at their reading/grade level.


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